Jan 28, 2017

A Kay Starr Box Set Just For You!

Rejoice! Though Kay Starr left us in 2016, her spirited, down-home vocal jazz will live on forever. I've always wanted a Kay Starr Box Set, haven't you? As far as I know, none exists, but why should that stop us? After much thought (about two seconds), I decided to make my very own.

Jan 15, 2017

Joan Dims The Lights, Lillian Makes A Comeback, Plus Jose Does It Live And A Double-X Secret Song!

"Oh, Joan, behave!" said many a gal and guy to Joan Barton after listening to her 1961 LP "Low Lights & Laughs," or at least I like to think they did. The back cover promises "bawdy," "ribald," "adult entertainment," and warns that "such songs are hardly for children!"

Jan 5, 2017

Anita Does Basin Street, Sister Tharpe Sings It All, A Li'l Jazz By Goofy, Bebo Be Trippin', Plus A Purple Moonbeam Secret Song!

Happy New Year! We're all still here, right? We made it in one piece? Phew. Time to celebrate. Let's start things right with a Cheerfully Hot-Cha Anita Exclusive! - and don't you dare ask, "Which Anita?" It ain't this mangy ol' Anita, that's for sure.

Dec 29, 2016

Bucket Of Sads: The "I Really Just Can't" Edition!

I really just cannot. Four celebrity deaths in a row! To whom do I complain? Who organizes these things? And can I trade this or that for at least one of them? Please?

Nov 25, 2016

Bucket Of Sads: Florence Henderson

As the matriarch on "The Brady Bunch," Florence Henderson had five lovely children (and Jan).

Nov 5, 2016

Bucket Of Sads: Kay Starr

This one hurts. The one and only Kay Starr, a master of pop, jazz and country, and a personal favorite of Billie Holiday's and Patsy Cline's, has officially left the ranch.

Oct 31, 2016

Bucket Of Sads: Tammy Grimes

Drink up, kiddies. Even Tammy Grimes isn't unsinkable. A favorite of Noel Coward's and countless other luminaries, she's left us with precious few gems, since her best work was live on Broadway. But do not fear.

Oct 29, 2016

Maxine's Tribute, Susannah Live, Plus Satyajit's Best And A Bubbly Secret Song!

It's almost time for Halloween, but really, there's enough horror in America's ongoing Presidential election, don't you think? I need jazz. I need to swing. I need Miss Maxine Sullivan.